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Receipt vs Invoice?

The main difference between a receipt and an invoice is that the seller issues the receipt after receiving the payment and the invoice is issued by the seller before the payment is made. A sales receipt is a document that confirms the fact that a particular product has been purchased from this seller. In general, the sales receipt should contain the information about the seller, the name of the goods, the date of sale, the items, and the price of the goods. For more detailed information, you can go to our hint section with the article receipt vs invoice?

A few reasons why you would benefit from using our receipt maker

  1. A simple, user-friendly interface allows you to create a receipt quickly
  2. Different document templates are available for selection completely free of charge
  3. You can add your logo to the document. The receipt maker allows you to customize the documents
  4. Choose any color of the document, make it unique
  5. Once the receipt is created, the generator can do all the rest of the work for you, instantly print, email or link to the document to the client.
  6. The receipt creator is completely free, no hidden fees

How to create a receipt using receipt generator

receipt maker

receipt generator

free receipt maker

Receipt generator should be used if you, as a seller, have already received payment for a service or product. If you need to invoice a customer, you can use our online invoice generator.

It is only a few clicks, and you can send your receipt to the customer. All you need to do is to fill in the following information:.

seller's details (name, address, telephone, email)

customer details (name, address, telephone, email)

product and service information (item name, qty, units (from list or custom), unit price)

document currency (chose from the drop-down list)

taxes, discount, template customization

After you fill in this information you need to push the “Save” button and choose among the different ways how the customer will receive it.

Receipt maker or receipt template

If you need to send a receipt online, you can do it in two ways: The first way is to use a receipt template. You can download it in Word or Excel and start using it for free forever. The advantages of this approach are the unlimited usage and the ability to print the document offline without connection to the system. Disadvantages are limited customization, long time for retyping different details, inability to send a document by link, or in PDF. Also, your customer can’t pay online (Paypal, Stripe). From this comparison, we conclude that you will spend less of your business time working in an online system while gaining more functionality. Explore all the features of our online invoicing software.

Frequently Asked Questions about the online receipt generator

Q: Can I choose different templates and preview them?

A: Yes, you can change the template and preview it. You need to choose a template in the drop-down list of “Template” and click the “Preview” button.

Q: Can I add a logo and choose the color of the receipt template?

A: You can add a logo in the preferable format and drag and drop it at the top right. You can customize colors below.

Q: Can I change the currency?

A: Yes, you can select the currency from the list and choose between symbol or code. For example, U.S. Dollars can be USD – code or $ - symbol.

Q: Can I add a tax and discount?

A: Yes. Below the currency list, you can see the Tax and Discount. You can create your own tax name and set it in %. The discount can be set on the total amount or per each item in %.

Q: It is possible to save the details of my company?

A: No. If you close the window with your details, all details of the receipt will be lost. If you need to save the details of your company, items, customers, we recommend to start using our invoice software Invoicy.

Q: Is this receipt generator free?

A: The Invoicy generator is free, but have limited functionality.


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